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The NetScout Sniffer Portable Analyzer family provides plug-and-play network analysis and for wired and wireless networks. Ideally suited for rapid response to network and application issues on location in the field, the software-based solution is built on the industry’s most advanced and widely deployed Sniffer network analyzer software. Sniffer Portable Analyzer solutions provide:

• Rapid identification of application and network performance issues
• Best-in-class protocol decodes and integrated packet-level expert analysis
• Unified dashboard views with deep drill down to rich packet-level analysis
• Analysis of wired and wireless network links and wireless control infrastructure in a single, scalable tool
• Centralized security and management of tool usage to prevent uncontrolled access to network traffic (Sniffer® Global only)
• Integration with Cisco® 3300 Series Mobility Service Engine for location-based troubleshooting in wireless networks (Sniffer Global only) 

Products & Descriptions     

Sniffer Global Analyzer  
Sniffer Global is the industry’s first enterprise-class portable network analyzer. Unlike other portable protocol analyzers, which gives users full, uncontrolled access to network traffic traversing the wire – a potentially huge security problem – Sniffer Global contains an administrative server with unique, centralized, policy-based accessn that governs how and what a user can manage on the network with the software-based client application.

Sniffer Portable Professional Analyzer 
Sniffer Portable Professional Analyzer is a plug-and-play, single-user analyzer offering powerful troubleshooting capabilities at a cost-effective price point. Sniffer Portable Professional Analyzer contains all the best-in-class protocol decodes and integrated packet-level expert analysis as Sniffer Global Analyzer, but without the additional enterprise grade security and Cisco integration.

 Product Feature Comparison Chart 

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